Dedicated to Fine Craftsmanship

At Snake & Butterfly Chocolate Factory we refine a premier selection of organic, fair trade cocoa in small batches. Since 2007, we have hand-roasted and hand-poured a wide variety of award-winning bars and confections.


We believe that a business should be based on passion, integrity, a strong sense of purpose, and responsible, ecologically-sound business practices.

Responsible business practices include supporting the farmers who grow our raw ingredients in a sustainable, environmentally sound manner, and paying a fair price for those ingredients. Furthermore, we believe that our packaging should have a low environmental impact.

Snake & Butterfly is committed to providing the highest quality chocolate and impeccable - if unusual - customer service.

About the Founders

Celeste Walker, the founding member of S&Bgraduated cum laude from Santa Clara University, where she received her bachelor's degree in Psychology in 2004. While at university she served as the editor in chief of the Santa Clara Review, a bi-annual literary magazine established in 1869. Additionally, her background includes purchasing for retail stores and various positions in educational and government institutes. She has three children, Dylan (16), Parker (14) and Lorenzo (11). Celeste will be happy to work with you on requests (even the strangest) and favors for special events or weddings. 

Vincent Flores, head chocolatier, has had successful careers as a musician and in the fields of retail management, high tech sales, and food service. His musical career began at age 13 when he started playing the bass in local bands. In college, Vincent studied music theory and composition. He has continued to perform and, as a BMI artist, his music can be heard on radio, TV, in film, and live theater. (Please click here to hear a sample of his music or buy his CD "Silk Road.") Vincent has also worked for several years in the food industry as a waiter, bartender, and chef. His passion for great food and his artistic creativity drew him to become involved in the creation of high quality chocolate.

Mara Privitt has had a life long love affair with food. Learning to cook at her mother's and grandmother’s side, she appreciates the talent of making food from scratch. Her goal is to have everything she helps make be a treat for the senses and for the soul. Mara is currently studying for a nutrition degree and is the company’s resident specialist on what’s good for us and the ins and outs of canning or jarring caramel.