Thank you for considering a wholesale partnership with Snake & Butterfly, L.L.C.  

Below are our Terms & Conditions. For questions please contact us at 408.466.4023 or


  • The minimum opening order is four (4) cases of product.

  • The minimum reorder amount is two (2) cases of product.

  • Mixed or split cases are not allowed.


For all opening orders, payment must be made by credit card prior to shipping (all major cards accepted). After three (3) reorders, payment terms may be adjusted to Net 30.



All orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail within ten (10) business days from receipt of order. Buyer will pay shipping fees.


Approval is required for all returns. A 10% restocking fee will be applied to any orders refused or returned without prior authorization.



  • Chocolate Bars are $39 per case (12 units) ($3.25 each/MSRP $5.00)

  • Caramel Five Packs $78 per case (12 units) ($6.50 each/MSRP $10.00)

  • Jarred Caramel is $39 per case (6 units) ($6.50 each/MSRP $10.00)

  • Wine Packs are sold individually for $16.25 each (MSRP $25.00)

  • Chocolate Bar Libraries are sold individually for $26.00 each (MSRP $40)

  • Individual Truffles/Caramels are $1.30 (MSRP $2.00)



  • Chocolate Bars: 62% Dark, 76% Dark, Bacon Toffee, Cherry & Chili, Ginger & Nib, Salt & Almond, Milk & Coffee, White & Macadamia

  • Caramel Five Packs: Assorted (one each: Salted, Honey, Fig, Rum, Bourbon)

  • Jarred Caramel: Dark Rum, Fig Balsamic, Honey, Salted, Salted Bourbon, Scotch

  • Gift Boxes: Red or White Wine pairing packs, Chocolate Bar Libraries

  • Caramels: Buttered Rum, Fig, Honey, Maple Bacon, Salted Bourbon
  • Truffles: Mexican Coffee, White Chocolate Peach & Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Bourbon & Apricot, Blueberry & Balsamic, Dark Chocolate, and a multitude of other seasonal flavors 


Terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Snake & Butterfly.  All changes will be delivered via email within 30 days of applicable changes.